iOS and Mac Developer - 4 years

I'm a self-taught iOS and Mac developer and a development teacher. At first, it was a hobby but then it became an obsession. It became a small source of income when I started teaching iOS development at General Assembly. It finally became a profession when I was brought onboard at Topology Eyewear full-time working on their iOS app. Since I left Topology to begin a round-the-world trip that I had been planning for years, I have enjoyed being able to work on and off for Topology Eyewear remotely.

UX Interaction Designer - 4.5 years

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, which focuses on the physical. However, the part of Industrial Design that appeals to me most is problem solving and design thinking. These skills are incredibly beneficial in not just Industrial Design but in all design fields. For 4.5 years I designed complex workflows for enterprise networking products.



  • Sketch
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Balsamiq Mockups


  • Xcode
  • Swift
  • Adobe Illustrator


  • Objective-C
  • Javascript
  • Adobe After Effects


iOS Developer, Topology Eyewear, San Francisco

May 2017 – September 2017, Full Time

September 2017 – Present, Occasional Remote Work while I travel

Topology Eyewear is an incredible startup in San Francisco. The application performs sophisticated video recording and machine learning to construct an accurate 3D model of the user's face. That 3D model is then used to make glasses that are individually CNC machined to fit. I worked on many of the screens and UI elements for the app. I also worked on integrating the in-app support system that contained full support for deep linking from any part of the app to any other part of the app.

User Experience Designer, Riverbed Technology, San Francisco

January 2013 – May 2017

When I started at Riverbed, there was no UX team at all. My coworker and I crept our way into every part of the engineering organization and proved the value of UX to the company. Since then, an entire UX team has formed with a Director of UX, a user research, a visual designer, and an interaction designer (me). We all work directly with engineers and product managers to solve problems.

At Riverbed, our customers have huge networks. Many of our customers have over 1000 Riverbed appliances distributed all over the world. My work for the past 2 years has been to make deploying, configuring, troubleshooting, and upgrading Riverbed Appliances easy. Because our customers have so many appliances each, the real challenge at Riverbed is making it easy to do all of those operations in bulk.

iOS Dev Teacher, General Assembly, San Francisco

December 2015 – September 2017

I lead a monthly iOS Development 101 workshop at General Assembly. Students range from no programming experience to experienced Java/C#/C++ developers. This can make it hard to keep everyone up to speed without others being bored. I developed the 3 hour curriculum with this in mind. The workshops are an incredible amount of fun and a great lerning experience for all involved.

Volunteer Organizer & iOS Dev Teacher, MobileBridge, San Francisco

March 2014 – September 2017

MobileBridge / Bridge Foundry is an organization that helps organizers put on free workshops to teach Technologies to people who are under-represented in technology.

I enjoy developing the iOS curriculum, helping to organize workshops, and especially teaching for MobileBridge / Bridge Foundry. Because we focus on empowering underserved communities in tech, the students are always eager and wanting to learn. Working with the entire Bridge Foundry community has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

User Experience Designer, Woopra, Inc., San Francisco

January 2012 – January 2013

Fast paced UX work in a small startup environment. In addition to design responsibilities, I also handled support tickets, bug reports, and other office management duties. My work involved direct interaction with front-end and backend engineers, marketing and sales people as well as the company's founder, to make sure user needs were properly addressed.

Organizer / Teacher, Industrial Design Outreach, San Francisco 2011 – 2012

Genius, Apple Store, Burlingame, California – 2007 – 2009


Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

San Francisco State University

Industrial Design, San Francisco State University

Fall 2008 – Spring 2011

Product Design, Brunel University, London

Autumn 2009 – Spring 2010