The Simple Tip Calculator

Gratuity for Apple Watch and iOS makes getting a tip at a restaurant quick and easy. Gratuity for iOS is the most beautiful and the most interactive tip calculator you have used. Gratuity for Apple Watch means you can calculate restaurant tips without even taking your phone out of your pocket.
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Plant Watering Reminders

Never let another plant turn brown again. WaterMe reminds you when its time to water your plants. Its so simple: Add your plants into the app. Get a daily notification for the plants that need to be watered. Water the plant in real life. Tap on the plant in WaterMe to mark it as watered in the app. Thats it! Every day you'll get a notification that reminds you to water your plants.
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Cross Platform Reading List App

I made this app for myself. None of the reading list apps available for iOS felt like native iOS apps. Also, very few had a Mac app at all, let alone one that felt native. Also, many of the development projects I do are just to learn. I wanted to learn how to make a cross platform app that performed basic database CRUD operations and synced.
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Open Source Carthage GUI

After building a couple of iOS apps I really wanted to learn how to build Mac apps. After seeing a presentation on Carthage from one of its creators, I knew that this would be a great project to work on. Carthage is a dependency manager for Xcode projects. The original creators only built a command line interface. I decided to tackle building a GUI front end for Carthage. Its basic, but it contains a list of Xcode projects and an update button to download and build the newest dependencies for that project.
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